Friday, October 28, 2011

Bill Stephan in hospital

The empty chair at our Advisory Committee meeting yesterday belongs to Bill Stepan, with Orkin Pest Control in Houston.  Bill is the Branch Manager for Orkin; long-time, active industry member and one of TPCA's appointees to the advisory committee.  We learned that Bill went into the hospital this week with complications due to recent cancer treatment.  He was rushed to emergency on Monday, but I understand from close friend and Orkin colleague, Steve Dogner, that he has improved greatly this week and is in good spirits.

If you would like to send Bill a card of encouragement, Steve asks you to send them to his office and he will see that they are delivered.  Send them to Bill care of Steve Dogner, Orkin Pest Control, 3901 Braxton Drive, Houston, TX  77063.  I don't know if Bill checks his Facebook page often, but you can also leave messages there.

Bill, here's to seeing you back on your feet soon.  Godspeed.

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