Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Better Mousetrap

Some ideas are so obvious you wonder why you never thought of it. Best of luck to these ladies trying their artsy hands at building a better mousetrap. By turning a mouse trap into a piece of art, pest control becomes almost chic. At least we know now that mouse traps don't have to be an embarrassment.


Nova Halliwell said...

Hi Mike,

This is Nova from Mousesnaps! Thanks so much for including our story in your blog!

I happened to notice that the link to our page is broken and if you have the opportunity to fix it, it would be much appreciated!

Thanks! And Happy Trapping!

Anonymous said...

great idea!

Pet Gates said...


Leigha Baer said...

What a great idea! Wish I'd thought of it. I recently complained to my neighbor about some sounds coming from my attic and he handed me a dirty old mousetrap that was sitting around in his garage. These mousetraps are so much more fun to see and use. Well...maybe not for the mice.

Thanks for the info.