Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Armed Forces Technical Guides for pest control

A number of years ago I saw a training video on pest proofing kitchens put out by the Armed Forces Pest Management Board.  It wasn't very polished, but it was very practical and did a good job of teaching the viewer how to seal the cracks and crevices in a real life kitchen. In addition, I happen to know that there are a bunch of Aggie entomologists that work under the AFPMB, so it has to be a crack unit.

All this to say that PMPs should jump at the chance to take advantage of training materials and information put out by the AFPMB.  One of the ways to do that is by checking out the Technical Guides they publish.  These guides cover a variety of topics ranging from IPM, to how to monitor for stored product pests, to Africanized bees, to how to store and display retail pesticides.  All these topics are pursued with military efficiency and enthusiasm.  Of particular interest today may be the guide to bed bug control written by my BCE colleague, Dr. Harold Harlan.  Dr. Harlan has personally fed his own colony of bed bugs for years and has provided bed bugs used in many of the current research studies being conducted on these pests. 

I hope you will check out some of this information.  You never know when a soldier's perspective can come in handy.

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Stinger said...

I ran into a similar article for bedbugs and found very informative. Thanks for passing along this new stuff.