Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rasberry crazy ant adds a new home

According to today's news release from AgNMore, the Rasberry ant, Nylanderia sp. near pubens, has now been found near Weslaco, TX in the lower Rio Grande valley.  This marks another geographical jump probably aided by humans.  The first area of infestation just south of Houston, has spread to approximately 12 adjacent counties.  Last summer the ants were reported from San Antonio area, as well as Jim Hogg county.  The Weslaco sighting, in south Hidalgo county, confirms that the ants have made it successfully to far south Texas. 

For more information about the Rasberry crazy ant, see the page at the Center for Urban and Structural Entomology's website.


Creation Care Team said...

I just came across a paper indicating that this ant has also been detected in Mississippi. See

Pest Control Gold Coast said...

There have been many a significant changes in the geographical and environmental conditions which have forced these ants to spread to other locations. Controlling their growth would be quite a task.