Monday, April 25, 2011

Are your customers'

An article in the Wall Street Journal caught my eye last week.  The story follows Rabbi Naftali Marrus, in his duties as a certifying rabbi for OK Kosher Certification, a Brooklyn agency that certifies restaurants, caterers, cafés, industrial kitchens and food manufacturers.OK Kosher Certification is one of a number of agencies that certify foods and food servers follow strict Jewish food laws.

One of Rabbi Marrus' tools is THE INFERNO, a three-and-a-half-foot-long propane torch that produces a flame at least half as long, according to the article photo above.  Rabbi Marrus and his fellow rabbis use the Inferno to burn off the smallest impurities, yeast, leaven and other crumbs, to ensure a kosher Passover meal in certified restaurants.

To restaurant owner Doris Schecter, it's a renewal, "a chance to start over again."  To me it looks like pretty decent pest control. Imagine using one of these babies to rid stainless steel kitchen furniture of cockroaches. Of course one wouldn't want to get too close to a grease-covered wall.

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