Friday, June 24, 2011

Grady Glenn

The Texas pest control industry lost a favorite son this week.  Dr. Grady Glenn passed away unexpectedly following what was supposed to be routine surgery on Monday, June 20th.

Grady was one of those people you meet and immediately like.  I met Grady during one of the Texas A&M winter conferences shortly after I started working as an urban entomologist.  At large meetings you meet dozens of people, but Grady stood out for his sense of humor, intelligence and soft-spoken charm.  I've heard many describe him as a real gentleman, and after knowing Grady for almost 20 years I can say that this word describes him perfectly.

Grady was an inspiration in many ways.  He decided about 10 years ago to step away from his long-time pest control business and work toward his Ph.D. in entomology.  [His favorite tongue-in-cheek self-introduction at pest control meetings was, "Hi, I'm Grady and I'm a recovering PMP."]  Even after successfully completing a Ph.D. at an age when many people are planning retirement, Grady was never shy to get down and dirty with pest control projects.  He maintained a vigorous work schedule despite his physical handicap (an artificial leg) and lingering pain from a car accident several years ago.

Grady had a number of challenges in his life, but handled all of them with grace and a wonderful sense of humor. He will be achingly missed by his family and friends.  Grady left behind his beloved wife, JudyAnn, two step-daughters and two sons.

The family has determined to hold a private memorial service tomorrow; however if you want to pay your respects there are a few options.  Cards may be sent JudyAnn and family care of: Klein CyFair NorthWest Funeral Home, 9719 Wortham Blvd., Houston, TX  77065-3420.  You can also share a tribute or remembrance for family and others on Grady's Facebook page or the temporary memorial page set up by the Houston Chronicle.  Finally, according to his family, "In lieu of flowers, please plant a tree in your backyard--Grady would appreciate it!"

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Vernell Stewart said...

My condolences to the family. I first met Grady around 2001 while attending the termite school. He and Dr Harry Howell were the instructors. He was a very friendly person with a sense of humor, easy to talk to, and a vast knowledge about the pest control industry. Over the years i kept in contact with him and he cane to speak at our association meeting on a couple of occasions He was a unique person and I feel lucky to have known him. The industry will miss him and I certainly will miss him.

Vernell Stewart
Stewart Pest Control
Fort Worth, TX