Friday, May 18, 2012

Ant webinars posted

Learn A couple of weeks ago I announced two upcoming ant Webinars, and made some comments about how Webinars were "the next big thing" in continuing education. I hinted that if you haven't tried participating in a Webinar yet, you need to. If nothing else you can impress your teenage kids at the dinner table with your growing computer skills. OK, maybe not. But there is another advantage of the webinar that I didn't mention. If the presenting agency is on top of things, and you miss the "real time" presentation, you can watch a Webinar later, at a time that's convenient for you.

So if you cursed your bad luck for missing yesterday's or last week's webinars on household ants and fire ants, don't. Turns out that the eXtension Learn folks running these recent Webinars are on top of things, and both of these ant classes have been recorded for your convenience. To see the recording of the "Fire Ant Control Made Easy" webinar click here. And to see the webinar featuring me and two real ant experts, "Ants Driving You Crazy?", click here.

Participants at yesterday's class made lots of suggestions for future Webinars, so expect to see this type of event occurring on a regular basis.

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