Thursday, May 30, 2013

ACE program growing and getting better

The Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) program is growing in both numbers and maturity. This year has already been a banner year with the roll of Associate Certified Entomologists exceeding 640 and even a new Facebook page.
ACE Prep class held last fall at the Texas A&M AgriLife
Center in Dallas

Although I can't seem to get the hang of Facebook, many of you do it quite well.  So Facebook users, check it out, like it, and encourage the good folks at the Entomological Society of America (ESA) who are trying out  new ways to communicate with the ACE community.

Also, Chris Stelzig, manager of certification programs at ESA, has started a new service he calls  "Certified Science."  This is a blog, and a great way to keep up on the latest research that concerns urban entomology.  He lists urban entomology publications that have recently appeared in ESA journals, and provides a link to the abstracts. If after reading the abstract, you find that you want to learn more, you can sometimes find free copies of the full articles online, or else purchase a copy.  Certified Science is a service of the  for all Associate Certified Entomologists (ACEs) and Board Certified Entomologists (BCEs) who hold a specialty in urban and industrial entomology.

If you read my recent post on the ESA annual conference, you know that another advantage of certification is discounted registration for that meeting. Besides all the interesting talks, papers and posters, the Certification program has its annual Board meeting and certification program business meeting at the annual conference.  Show up once or twice and you might find yourself getting more involved with the program.

If you haven't taken the plunge, but are interested in certification, now may be the time. David Henderson, with Spring ISD in the Houston area, is organizing an ACE Prep Class this summer.  I and others will be conducting a day's review of the materials covered in the ACE exam.  If you have been studying and have already applied, paid your fees and been approved by ESA, we can give you the exam late in the afternoon.  It's a convenient way to take the exam with a group of fellow PMPs and a built in proctor.  Of course you don't have to take the exam.  The class can serve either as a kickoff for studying for the exam, or as a pre-exam review and confidence builder.  

The class will be held on July 11 at the Spring ISD Transportation Facility, 341A East Richey Road, Houston, TX 77073.  We start at 8:30 am and prep until about 2:30 pm.  The exam is offered from 3-5 pm. If you are interested contact David at Cost is estimated to be $50 to cover my travel expenses (the larger the class, the lower the cost).

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