Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rutger's Bed Bug Videos

Rutger's University, in cooperation with the U.S. EPA and the Northeastern IPM Center has been slowly building a library of instructional videos, fact sheets, PowerPoints and research reports on bed bugs. These resources are now available online at the Rutger's University Bed Bug home page.  Videos range from basic information for homeowners to detailed information for professionals.  The video link above is perhaps the longest video in the library, a detailed set of bed bug control tips and suggestions.

The shorter, IPM-oriented video that you'll find on the video tab at this site is for a broader audience.  Rick Cooper, one of the site's developers, says, "We are using the seven-minute video to train housing managers, staff and residents.  The video delivers the messages in a concise manner that keeps their attention as much, and sometimes more, than an in-person presentation.

I believe even experienced professionals will find something they can use on this site.  Even if you know all the subject matter, these videos can be used in training with your customers and new technicians.

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