Thursday, April 1, 2010

Help Insects in the City break 100

If you read and enjoy the Insects in the City blog, you can help spread the word.  We only need three more subscribers to read the 100 subscribers mark. One hundred subscribers would be laughable to most big name bloggers, but I'm honored that nearly 100 of you take the time to glance at Insects in the City every week.  I hear from many of you when I give presentations and appreciate very much the feedback you provide.

Many people I talk to in the pest control industry are either still not sure what a blog is, or think that it means reading about what someone ate for breakfast.  I shared much the same opinion, until I started reading blogs and tried my hand at writing one myself.  In the process I've discovered value in blogging, both for myself and others.

I'm convinced that blogs serve a useful purpose--and not just for teeny boppers following their favorite star.  Especially for professionals, blogs can help us sort through the tsunami of information that bombards us daily, and make some sense of it all.  As a professional entomologist I have to sift through gobs of stuff on a daily basis to keep myself informed. In the process I keep my eyes open for things that I think might help you in your business.  When I find something worthwhile, I share it.  I find that it even makes some of the reading and sifting more interesting and rewarding.

Of course a blog is very subjective and represents the perspective of one person.  But that's OK too.  I encourage you to find that handful of people you respect, and who have something to say to you, and follow them online.  It's a valuable service in this age of information overload and can help you tremendously in keeping up with your job, your interests, your community. And, I hope, it can help you feel more a part of the professional pest control community.

If you're a first time visitor, or just visit the site occasionally, I invite you to sign up as a subscriber.  Subscribers receive Insects in the City posts as emails as they are written.  All it takes is typing your email address in the little subscribe box on the right.  And tell your friends.  It will make my month if we can exceed 100 subscribers in April. 

I'm not a full time blogger, so my posts will probably never come daily--takes too much time.  And if you get a lot of email like me, that's probably one good thing about Insects in the City.  Instead of volume, my goal is to provide you, as pest management professionals, with accurate information that is both educational and interesting. 

And I promise I'll never blog about what I had for breakfast.

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