Monday, August 4, 2008

Cool tool for scorpion inspections

Scorpions pose one of the most difficult control challenges for PMPs in Texas and other parts of the southwest. Part of the problem stems from the difficulty in monitoring scorpions. One of the more effective tools for spotting and collecting scorpions is the UV blacklight.

a striped bark scorpion glows under black lightScorpions are one of the few nocturnal arthropods that fluoresce, or glow, brightly under UV light. This greatly facilitates locating and removing active scorpions, although the work does have to be done at night.

I often get requests from PMPs for a good source of blacklights. Bioquip Products is currently offering 10% off an inexpensive, hand-held blacklight unit that should be useful for spotting scorpions at night. If you have an account with a chronic scorpion infestation, and would like to see what's going on at night, check them out at

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